Kansas State Superlatives 2014-15
Includes Division I games only.

Team Highs
Points For9811/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Points Allowed4712/9/14 vs. Bradley
Field Goal Percentage58.7%11/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Free Throw Percentage88.2%11/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Offensive Rebounds1611/21/14 at Long Beach State
Defensive Rebounds3112/2/14 vs. Nebraska-Omaha
Total Rebounds4212/2/14 vs. Nebraska-Omaha
Assists2312/2/14 vs. Nebraska-Omaha
Blocks612/9/14 vs. Bradley
Steals1211/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Turnovers2212/6/14 at Tennessee
Turnover Rate11.2%11/24/14 vs. Purdue
Personal Fouls1711/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Possessions7611/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Points per Possession1.29311/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Pts. Allowed per Defensive Poss.0.82712/14/14 vs. Savannah State
Efficiency Margin+36.411/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Effective Field Goal Percentage69.6%11/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Points per Weighted Shot1.4211/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Floor Percentage61.8%11/24/14 vs. Purdue
Team Lows
Points For4711/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Points Allowed7911/24/14 vs. Purdue
Field Goal Percentage32.6%11/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Free Throw Percentage45.8%12/2/14 vs. Nebraska-Omaha
Offensive Rebounds511/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
11/25/14 vs. Arizona
Defensive Rebounds1411/25/14 vs. Arizona
Total Rebounds1911/25/14 vs. Arizona
Assists711/21/14 at Long Beach State
Blocks111/25/14 vs. Arizona
11/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
12/6/14 at Tennessee
Steals311/21/14 at Long Beach State
Turnovers811/24/14 vs. Purdue
Turnover Rate31.0%12/6/14 at Tennessee
Personal Fouls2811/21/14 at Long Beach State
Possessions5612/9/14 vs. Bradley
Points per Possession0.82311/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Pts. Allowed per Defensive Poss.1.19411/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Efficiency Margin-37.011/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Effective Field Goal Percentage34.8%11/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Points per Weighted Shot0.8311/21/14 at Long Beach State
Floor Percentage41.2%12/9/14 vs. Bradley
Opponent Team Highs
Field Goal Percentage55.3%11/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Free Throw Percentage80.0%11/17/14 vs. Missouri-Kansas City
Offensive Rebounds1511/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Defensive Rebounds2311/21/14 at Long Beach State
Total Rebounds3411/21/14 at Long Beach State
Assists1911/24/14 vs. Purdue
Blocks912/6/14 at Tennessee
Steals1212/6/14 at Tennessee
Turnovers2411/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Turnover Rate14.8%12/6/14 at Tennessee
Personal Fouls1711/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Possessions7311/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Points per Possession1.19411/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Pts. Allowed per Defensive Poss.0.82311/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Efficiency Margin+37.011/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Effective Field Goal Percentage63.8%11/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh
Points per Weighted Shot1.3111/24/14 vs. Purdue
Floor Percentage57.1%11/25/14 vs. Arizona
Opponent Team Lows
Field Goal Percentage34.8%12/9/14 vs. Bradley
Free Throw Percentage52.9%12/14/14 vs. Savannah State
Offensive Rebounds412/2/14 vs. Nebraska-Omaha
Defensive Rebounds1212/14/14 vs. Savannah State
Total Rebounds1812/14/14 vs. Savannah State
Assists612/9/14 vs. Bradley
Steals311/24/14 vs. Purdue
Turnovers1011/26/14 vs. Pittsburgh12/6/14 at Tennessee
Turnover Rate32.8%11/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Personal Fouls3111/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Possessions5612/9/14 vs. Bradley
Points per Possession0.82712/14/14 vs. Savannah State
Pts. Allowed per Defensive Poss.1.29311/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Efficiency Margin-36.411/14/14 vs. Southern Utah
Effective Field Goal Percentage41.3%12/9/14 vs. Bradley
Points per Weighted Shot0.9012/9/14 vs. Bradley
Floor Percentage42.0%12/2/14 vs. Nebraska-Omaha
Individual Highs
Points2411/24/14 Marcus Foster at Purdue
Field Goals Made911/24/14 Marcus Foster vs. Purdue
3-Point Field Goals Made712/6/14 Marcus Foster vs. Tennessee
Free Throws Made911/14/14 Thomas Gipson at Southern Utah
11/17/14 Thomas Gipson at Missouri-Kansas City
Offensive Rebounds611/21/14 Stephen Hurt vs. Long Beach State
Defensive Rebounds812/9/14 Nino Williams at Bradley
Total Rebounds1212/9/14 Nino Williams vs. Bradley
Assists911/17/14 Jevon Thomas vs. Missouri-Kansas City
Steals412/9/14 Nigel Johnson vs. Bradley
Blocks311/14/14 Brandon Bolden vs. Southern Utah
12/9/14 Thomas Gipson vs. Bradley
Efficiency2511/17/14 Thomas Gipson vs. Missouri-Kansas City
12/14/14 Nino Williams vs. Savannah State

Opponent Individual Highs
Points2212/2/14 CJ Carter, Nebraska-Omaha
Field Goals Made912/2/14 CJ Carter, Nebraska-Omaha
3-Point Field Goals Made511/14/14 A.J. Hess, Southern Utah
11/24/14 Kendall Stephens, Purdue
Free Throws Made711/14/14 John Marshall, Southern Utah
11/25/14 Stanley Johnson, Arizona
Offensive Rebounds511/21/14 David Samuels, Long Beach State
Defensive Rebounds712/2/14 Tre'Shawn Thuran, Nebraska-Omaha
Total Rebounds1011/21/14 David Samuels, Long Beach State
Assists611/14/14 John Marshall, Southern Utah
11/24/14 Jon Octeus, Purdue
11/25/14 T.J. McConnell, Arizona
11/26/14 James Robinson, Pittsburgh
12/2/14 Devin Patterson, Nebraska-Omaha
Steals411/26/14 James Robinson, Pittsburgh
12/6/14 Kevin Punter, Tennessee
12/14/14 Terel Hall, Savannah State
Blocks512/6/14 Armani Moore, Tennessee
Efficiency2311/26/14 James Robinson, Pittsburgh

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